well 2

We invite you to visit our permanent display at The Well - Camberwell. Thank you to the great guys in Centre Management for allowing our Portrait Art to grace their walls.

We think it’s a great way for people to get a real sense of the type of work we do. It’s fun, natural, modern and spontaneous with a small dose of artistic direction. We want you to be inspired by these displays to create something similar for your home too.

More and more people have too many images stored on their digital devices but don’t have the time or know how to get them printed and may run the risk of losing them altogether.
Please take the time to preserve these photographic memories for your family and future generations in an album or a portrait on the wall just like we have on show at our exhibitions. It will be a sad time when there will be no photographs to look back on or pass down to your children.

Photographs are the memories that we forget.

So please check us out for the sake of your children’s children.