This is the page where we get to brag and go on and on about Paul’s achievement’s. We (being the whole team) weren’t even sure if we wanted to include this page. I (being Chrissy) mean, really who reads this sort of information? Is it relative and it does seem like we are of showing off?  Then we thought  it would be nice to acknowledge how hard Paul worked to win his awards, have his work featured and let people see the great artist that he is … so here it is:

Paul has had his work  featured in well known publications and has won numerous awards both overseas, here in Melbourne and around Australia.

He has been recognised for his outstanding natural black and white style of work by some of the most prestigious photographic associations around the globe.

Paul’s subjects have included international celebrities, music artists, Hollywood actors and directors.

Associate & Print Judge:

A.I.P.P The Australian Institute of Professional Photographers


Winner of numerous awards in Australia and Internationally including
Australian Advertising Photographer of the year

Featured Articles and Work:

Commercial Photography Magazine, Visions Magazine, Vogue Australia

Harpers Bazaar, Time Life, IF Magazine, Monash Gallery of Art

Mushroom Records, Amnesty International, Hilton Hotel Group

Member of:

A.I.P.P Australian Institute of Professional Photographers

B.I.P.P British Institute of Professional Photographers

P.P.A Professional Photographers of America

W.P.P.I Wedding & Portrait Photographers International

….. enough said!