Meet the Team

PAUL VELISSARIS: ‘Photographer of Smiles’

I’m the man behind the lens. Being a family man my passion lies in photographing families and capturing that special bond that ties families together. I’m a father of three adult children (who I think are pretty awesome), a husband, a son, brother and uncle, the most important roles in my life.

Making people smile whether it’s with my camera or my jokes is what makes me tick and being able to do that everyday is pretty cool!

It all started for me from the moment I received a plastic Diana F camera fro my 10th birthday and although it didn’t have any film in it I still told people to smile, I was hooked and 45 years later I’m still telling people to smile.

I’ve been photographing professionally for almost 35 of these years and have worked with some very amazing photographers of whom I learnt from and perfected my craft. I even went to College to learn more of the technical side to photography but what holds true for me is that it’s not enough just to be a good artist but it’s more important to care for the people who give you the opportunity to be one. I value the importance of photographing family because life moves too quickly and we need to remember the best moments , capture these and look back on them with fondness and a smile!

When I’m not photographing, I can be found puffing on the occasional cigar (yes I know … please don’t tell my doctor) enjoying a glass of red or two (this you can tell him) and having special dinners with my kids,catching up on old re-runs of Seinfeld, SNL … well I love anything to do with comedy really.

Thank you for sticking around, you can check out my portfolio of work now or stay here and meet the rest of the team.


I’m mum to our three adult children who I think are pretty awesome too. I’m also a wife (to a very talented photographer… yes I can say that), a daughter, a sister and aunt to some pretty special people.

I call myself the ‘almost empty nester’ as our two eldest have moved out and our youngest, a university student is so busy with her life we rarely see her. It’s hard to believe how quickly the years have flown by so we treasure every moment we can with them.

The biggest buzz for me is getting to meet new people and sharing their family story. I enjoy a nice chat on the phone, getting to know a little bit about you and your family so that I can help you with all your questions about what you would like for your photography.

Away from the studio I make special time to see my children, I try to exercise my brain by doing crossword puzzles which I do enjoy and obsessing over the weeds in the garden. I also have a bit of a sweet tooth, with a particular fondness for Darrel Lea’s strawberry liquorice and chocolate aniseed rings and Terry’s Chocolate Orange (drooling as I write)!

I look forward to a nice natter on the phone with you so if I can be of any help, just click on over to our contact page or give me a call.

ADINEH DORTAJ: ‘Artist of the Image’

“I work enthusiastically behind the scenes, happily making your images even more beautiful. Editing the images to suit Paul’s smiles, with just a little tweaking of a wrinkle here and a spot there. I also design all of our marketing material in house and website which is heaps of fun and gets my creative juices flowing.

In my spare time, I can be found visiting art galleries or museums, cooking healthy delicious meals for my lovely husband and hanging out with my friends. If I'm not doing that then I'm out getting lost in nature.

ANDREW BONFA: ‘Craftsman of the Frame’

“Speaking in the third person, Andrew is a little camera shy, we call him our ‘Craftsman of the frame’. He’s been our master craftsman for over 15 years, which is a testament to the quality of the work he does.He’s a fusspot perfectionist who builds our signature frames from scratch ensuring precision and an attention to detail in his work that only a craftsman can. Every finished piece of framed artwork is then signed by Paul before it is handed over to our excited clients to enjoy for many years to come.Andrew is a father, a son, brother and uncle, continuing the family spirit that is the backbone of our business.