Where is your studio?

Our residential studio is nestled in the quiet, leafy suburb of Balwyn just twenty minutes from the city and two minutes from the eastern freeway exit at Doncaster Road.

What type of photography do you do?

We are a custom photographic studio specialising in family and children’s portraiture. We enjoy photographing families of all sizes from a new family with a young baby to a larger extended multi – generational group, pets included.

Being a custom studio means our work is as individual as you are.

Most of your gallery of work on display is in black and white. Is that all you shoot?

We have a fondness for particularly focusing on black and white imagery as subtle tones and delicate simplicity create a timeless quality. In the last few years this style of photographic art has become hugely popular and more sought after by our clients.

We do also offer a variety of other styles and colour finishes. Sometimes an image lends itself more favourably to be presented in colour and this is when we consult and advise you on the right finish.

Do you photograph weddings?

We no longer photograph weddings that require us to be in attendance all day, but we will consider small portrait wedding sessions which are no longer than 2 hours.

You may wish to consider a gift certificate as a wedding gift to someone who is getting married that they can use on their 1st anniversary or the birth of their 1st child.

Why should we choose your photographic studio?

We know that we are not the photographer for everyone. It’s important that you feel comfortable with us and our photography feels right for you and your family. When the chemistry is right between the photographer and the client, wonderful photography ensues.

As our work is displayed permanently in a few shopping centres and cafes around Melbourne many people have become familiar with our work and the Velissaris name and are happy coming to us.

Do you sell digital images?

We are so very careful to make sure that everything that leaves our studio is finished only to the highest quality with full artistry in our portraits of which we guarantee for a lifetime. We cannot do that with a digital image.

We specialise in beautiful, handcrafted heirloom portraits and we find that our clients love having a beautifully finished and framed piece of artwork that they can hang on their wall and enjoy every day. We feel that we would be doing you a disservice and not respect you by not finishing and giving you the absolute best portrait you deserve.

We have also found that most people do very little with their digital images and the way that technology changes so quickly now, you  may not even be able to print the images or worse still even be able to access them.

Even though this is the most photographed generation ever, many will have no printed photos. How many digital photos have you printed lately?