You want beautiful, fun, natural photos of your family but you don’t know which photographer to use or really even know where to start looking. It can be quite overwhelming when there are so many photographers to choose from.

Do you think we could be the right photographer for you? Possibly … check out our 4 GREAT REASONS to hire us below.

1. We make it all about you!

We make it all about you and what you want. We’ll share some of our ideas with you too but just tell us what you’re after and we’ll make sure you get it. You need to feel comfortable and have an instant rapport with your photographer, we’ll ask you a lot of questions and it's just as important that you ask heaps too. If you like our answers and you feel comfortable with what we're saying, then magic will happen!

2. We are fabulous at making you look fabulous!

When you first arrive on our doorstep, looking gorgeous, dressed in the perfect clothes, hair and make-up done and dad freshly shaved, I get a warm glow knowing you’ve listened to my helpful advice to make yours a fabulous shoot. We are excited to begin this creative journey with you and tell your story.

3. It’s a harmonious collaboration

The photographic art work you place on your wall is the result of many elements: the sensitivity of the photographer, what you wear, the passions that drive you, the environment, the lighting, the emotions and characters of the clients at the time of the session. Custom photography is ultimately about choice, experience and finding a professional photographer who takes the time to get to know your family. It's important for a photographer to listen to what you want and help get that for you by asking the right questions. We strive to give you our full undivided attention from the very first phone call and work with you for that perfect end result.

4. We are family too.

Years of nursing, burping, nappy changing, mid-night waking, singing, rocking, playing, first day school nerves soothing, taxi driving, lunch-box preparing, Year 12 final exams counselling, study partnering, yep we’ve lived it all too.

We are survivors of the terrible twos, the unforgettable teens and the twenty something young adults, parenting roller coaster. We are now heading into the ‘the empty nest’ phase and we don’t like it very much, it’s too quiet, we miss their noise, their arguments, their laughter, their mess and most of all their great big bear hugs! Thank goodness we still have one at home (I’m not letting her go just yet).

At least we can pat ourselves on the back for creating three wonderful, caring, decent, responsible and very funny human beings.

We love our family and we know how to show the love you have for yours.

If this sounds like we are the right fit for you … just click on over to our contact page and say hi!